my design, not yours

the sassiest bitch on the block is back can i get a what what

spooky-trek asked: ITS BEEN SO LONG HAVE A KISS :*


i’d rather not have mono but thx for the offer

blutbadbaby asked: So man, feeling holy yet?


Anonymous asked: Hey so when you like die in jail can I have your dogs


dont fuckin touch my dogs, buddy

askwillssassystag asked: Don't worry Will. No matter how lonely it gets in jail, I'll always show up to visit you just when you thought you'd regained some sanity or that you were going to sleep. Don't kid yourself. Neither of those are ever happening. Embrace your insanity. Love me.

i’m sure this is supposed to be some kind of reassuring, but it’s not i’m sorry i disLIKE YOU PLEASE

Anonymous asked: did you guys catch the cheesecake ripper yet

no, but i heard if you go to safeway, they have some artificial cheescakes on sale

Anonymous asked: hey free willy how u feeling

i’m feeling a bit tasty and insane

whocouldhavepredicted asked: It fucking rhymes.


Anonymous asked: 7 dogs and counting occasionally starring the dog man in jail

it’s just 7 dogs right now unless alana’s stealing taking in dogs in for me

what the actual fuck